Tanning Packages

When the sun is shining, getting a tan directly from the source seems like a great way to get the most out of the sunshine. However, there are numerous uncontrollable factors to consider when tanning outdoors that can increase your risk of overexposure. 10-20 minutes of unprotected exposure depending on your skin type will allow for vitamin D production to take place. Then do apply sunscreen when heading outdoors. While sunscreen does inhibit vitamin D production, overexposure to the sun can cause much more serious health problems. Always be cautious to avoid the risk of sunburn.

Soldeoraa gives you the ability to tan in a controlled environment where your skin is our top priority. You will be able to build your tan gradually, while developing the pigmentation that increases your natural SPF and getting the vitamin D your body needs to stay healthy.

When your skin is not properly moisturized by a product like a tanning lotion, it reflects UV light and does not tan effectively. To get the most out of your tan as quickly as possible, a tanning lotion is nothing short of essential.

The Fitzpatrick Skin-Type Chart

You can use this skin-type chart for self-assessment, by adding up the score for each of the questions you’ve answered.

At the end there is a scale providing a range for each of the six skin-type categories. Following the scale is an explanation of each of the skin types. You can quickly and easily determine which skin type you are. In addition, you need to identify another aspect of your skin type. That is whether you have oily, dry, normal or sensitive skin. In order to do this visit ‘What’s my Skin type’.

Genetic Disposition

Score 0 1 2 3 5
What is the colour of your eyes? Light blue, Grey, Green Blue, Grey or Green Blue Dark Brown Brownish Black
What is the natural colour of your hair? Sandy Red Blond Chestnut/Dark Blond Dark Brown Black
What is the colour of your skin (non exposed areas)? Reddish Very Pale Pale with Beige tint Light Brown Dark Brown
Do you have freckles on unexposed areas? Many Several Few Incidental none

Total score for Genetic Disposition: _____

Reaction to Sun Exposure

Score 0 1 2 3 5
What happens when you stay in the sun too long? Painful redness, blistering, peeling Blistering followed by peeling Burns sometimes followed by peeling Rare burns Never had burns
To What degree do you turn brown? Hardly or not at all Light colour tan Reasonable tan Tan very easy Turn dark brown quickly
Do you turn brown within several hours after sun exposure? Never Seldom Sometimes Often Always
How does your face react to the sun? Very sensitive Sensitive Norma Very resistant Never had a problem

Total score for Reaction to Sun Exposure: _____

Tanning Habits

Score 0 1 2 3 5
When did you last expose your body to sun (or artificial sunlamp/tanning cream)? More than 3 months ago 2-3 months ago 1-2 months ago Less than a month ago Less than 2 weeks ago
Did you expose the area to be treated to the sun? Never Hardly ever Sometimes Often Always

Total score for Tanning Habits: _____

Add up the total scores for each of the three sections for your Skin Type Score.

Skin Type Score - Fitzpatrick Skin Type

0-7 I
8-16 II
17-25 III
25-30 IV
over 30 V -VI

TYPE 1: Highly sensitive, always burns, never tans. Example: Red hair with freckles

TYPE 2: Very sun sensitive, burns easily, tans minimally. Example: Fair skinned, fair haired Caucasians

TYPE 3: Sun sensitive skin, sometimes burns, slowly tans to light brown. Example: Darker Caucasians.

TYPE 4: Minimally sun sensitive, burns minimally, always tans to moderate brown. Example: Mediterranian type Caucasians.

TYPE 5: Sun insensitive skin, rarely burns, tans well. Example: Some Hispanics, some Blacks

TYPE 6: Sun insensitive, never burns, deeply pigmented. Example: Darker Blacks.

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